What to do after 12th | Courses After 12th for Science, Commerce, and Arts

Courses After 12th

After class 12th results, this is a common question among every student, what to do after class 12th. After giving the 12th Board exam, students have a dilemma as to what they should do after finishing 12th grade so that their future is bright, they can join any higher education course or try for a job. Courses After 12th Some of you must have done 12th science subject.

Someone has done the 12th Commerce subject or someone has done the 12th art subject. The problem is the same regardless of which stream you have passed the 12th test. If you have to study further at this time, which course should be done or if you are preparing for a job, for which position, which is suitable for the 12th pass and is the best.

All these questions have caused a lot of ups and downs in your mind and there is no one to guide them at the moment, yes if you have educated people in your house they can tell you what to do after 12th for those who have no guide at home, then we are for them. You have been here to resolve all your queries. We will tell you about the 12th option here, what you can do next.

What to do after 12th: Science, Commerce, and Arts 2021 | Courses After 12th

Choosing what to do courses after 12th courses is not so easy. This is why you get many options to choose from. At the same time, you are not even aware of many career options tips. By the time the student studies in class X, all the subjects are compulsory for him, that is, he has to study all the subjects according to the school. But when students go to class XI, they choose the stream of their choice. Students who get good marks in 10th mostly choose Science stream only.

There are three streams of Science, Commerce, Arts. Which students have to choose according to their assigned field. Students who pursue their prescribed future values ​​to the lawyer, HM, Politics, opt for Arts stream. Sometimes children who think during their school time. They are not able to do their thought courses because after 12th many courses affect them. We will tell you how you can choose the course or what you can do in the future.

If you have passed the outside, then after that you have many different options or courses for a good future, which you can choose according to your wish and make your future in it. I am going to tell you.

What to do after 12th Science?

Science Stream is considered the most important stream after the 12th. At the same time, students and their parents also have all these first impressions. This is probably because in this you will find some profession which attracts many people like Doctor, Engineer or Scientist, etc.

Science streams are a bit harder to read. Some children do not take science, they are afraid that they may fail or their one year is not wasted. Or there are also many children who get good marks in 10th but they do not take science because they do not have interest in science, such students choose commerce or arts stream.

In the science stream, students have subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, or take a Biology, Chemistry, Physics subject. Or a Biology Mathematics can take both subjects.

The Science stream has three main categories.

Let’s know about the three main categories of the Science Stream.

  1. PCM (Physics + Chemistry + Mathematics)
  2. PCB (Physics + Chemistry + Biology)
  3. PCMB (Physics + Chemistry + Mathematics + Biology)

What to do after Science PCM in 12th?

If you have done in +2 Science PCM Stream, then it is a legitimate thing that you will definitely be interested in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. At the same time, there will be English compulsory in your stream. At the same time, it is very important for those students who want to do their career in engineering or architecture.

What to do after Science PCB in 12th?

If you have taken PCB in 11th and 12th science then obviously it will be more that you will be more interested in Biology. In this also English is a compulsory subject. While talking about a Medical career, then you can do Medical Courses like MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery), BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery), and more.

What to do after Science PCMB in 12th?

If you have done Science PCMB in your 12th class. Students who have passed 12th standard in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics. Then in this, you have to study Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics, which gives you the option to do more courses. You can choose your course according to you.

What to do after 12th Commerce?

This is also one of the most popular streams that students choose courses after class 10th. In this, students have to study financial and management practices. At the same time, these are more suitable for any students who have good analytical skills. Children who have passed XII from Commerce stream can do B.Com in graduation. Also, if you want to do a government job, then you can prepare for accounting in the bank. But for this, you must also have graduation.

If you want to do a course then you can do BBA, BCA, BMS, etc. You can determine your future by choosing your course according to the chart given below. The Commerce stream is also called commerce studies in Hindi. If you are a student of Commerce, you have many career options.

His core subjects are Economics, Accounts and Business Studies namaste. With this, you also have to take Mathamatic on the basis of an additional subject.

What to do after 12th Arts?

Arts are compulsory in your stream not given as much importance as are given to Science and Commerce. As you have all seen, the arts stream does not give any recognition and people feel that they cannot get a job in any field. So, let me tell you that there is nothing like this, after passing 12th in Arts, Arts students have many courses and there is also scope for government jobs.

You must have heard about the examination of civil services, you can also prepare for the civil examination. If you want to get into the field of politics or you can become a lawyer, you can also do MBA in marketing.

But it is not right to think so. Because all streams are best in their own place. It depends on what you choose.

Some more courses after 12th

You can do a diploma, vocational course, professional course after the 12th. We tell you how you can do such a course that you can also enjoy your life and at the same time earn a lot of money. Vocational courses are not actually stream-specific. It allows students to do different courses which are slightly different than the usual courses.

In doing so, students can learn many new skills. By doing these courses, students gain practical knowledge and prepare themselves for a particular career. These are some of the programs that prepare students for the industry so that they can easily find employment.

At the same time, the advantages of taking these courses are that you can easily learn them Offline even on Surface Online. At the same time, they are not very valuable, and together they are of short duration, which anyone can complete within a short time.

Professional Courses after 12th

After studying 12th you can take any professional courses. These courses are designed in such a way that helps you to become a professional in any one profession. After becoming a professional, you can easily earn money.

  • Hotel Management
  • Management studies ( BMS / BBA)
  • Mass-Media
  • Literature
  • Web designing

Hotel Management

Nowadays the hotel management course is very much in vogue. If you are very fond of cooking, then this course is going to be very beneficial for you. You can do a course in hotel management at a good college. And become a good chef. And by going abroad, you can also do the job of a chef, so that you will also get the job of your choice and you can also earn money.

Government Jobs

I think after passing 12th, almost all people start Applying for government jobs, which is a very good thing because in every way, today a government job is much better than a private job.

Perhaps this is the reason why people are so interested in it, if you have passed 12th then you can apply for many types of posts (SSC Stenographer Exam, Assistant Loco Piolet, Station Master, SSC, Bank, Police, Defense, Indian Navy, Municipally ), etc. and get a job in it and You can also earn money.


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