Best Arts and Humanities Career Options After 12th

Career Counseling 2022

There are a lot of career opportunities available for the students who opt for the Humanities stream in their class 12th. But, the long list of courses available under the Humanities stream might confuse you. So, to get a clear idea about the courses after 12th Arts, we have mentioned here the complete list for 2023.

Best Arts and Humanities Career Options After 12th

Humanities are a vast field and it is very difficult to define it in a few words. In general, the humanities are concerned with the study and understanding of the ‘human condition. It involves tracing the historical background and understanding the reasons behind the development of human behavior, and sociocultural, economic, and political systems in human society. This domain covers a wide range of topics and majors among them including:

This is a 3-year UG program that focuses mainly on the Humanities. With a minimum of 50%, students can join this course at top universities.

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Hons.) in Political Science
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Hons.) in Economics
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Hons.) in Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Hons.) in History
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Geography
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Physical Education
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Hons.) in Geography

As is evident, a wide choice of courses is available after the 12th Humanities. All these courses are career-oriented and there is a wide range of opportunities for humanities students to pursue after completing their respective courses.

Details about Top Courses after 12th for Arts Students

Look for the course(s) of your interest in the article below and click on the link to find the relevant details. To give an overview, before we get into the details of the courses, there are a total of 1,439 humanities and social science colleges listed on Education. As per the research, it is clear that Bachelor of Arts (BA) is the most popular undergraduate course that students pursue after class 12 Arts. Here, you can choose from 900 BA colleges in India.


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